Faculty of Sport

Faculty of Sport

The basic educational science master’s program provided -pedagogicheskimi personnel having basic education, fit the profile of the subjects taught and systematically engaged in scientific and scientific – methodical activities.

The proportion of professional cycle of teachers with a degree and academic rank is 100%.

The total number of faculty members working for the PLO is 16 persons: one full-time teachers 16 people (100.0%).

The proportion of professors, doctors of – 12.5% ​​(2 of 16).

The share of associate professors, candidates of science is – 87.5% (14 of 16).

Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8.30 to 17.00.

Receiving parents of students: Wednesday from 15.00

The research activities of the Faculty

is provided by the work of teaching and research (UNL) laboratories “Biotechnics” UNL “Geodynamics” and “Seismic monitoring of the Earth.”

Research Laboratory “Biotechnics” acting at the Department of Theory and Physical Culture and Sports Technology (Head. Department of. Ph.D., professor Kardan MN) carries out research in the field of “Management of human interaction and the environment.”

In the implementation of this area are participating teachers KBSU faculty, young professionals, graduate students, undergraduates and students, developed the concept of solving the following problems:

• Interfaced development of mental and physical abilities of students;

• Creation of training devices with an artificial, automated control variable resistance modes;

• Develop and study techniques for optimizing the development and improvement of motor qualities of sportsmen in the conditions of use “Machine control action.”


Carrying out diagnostic measures on the level of physical development and physical fitness of students in the conditions of Kabardino-Balkarian State Monitoring Center.

Reform of Higher Education and the implementation of programs of the Federal State Educational Standard, resulted in significantly new approach to the process of the formation of a specialist in the field of physical culture and sports. Changed purposeful installation, the ratio of classroom and independent work of students in the direction of increasing requirements to the volume and depth of knowledge of students and their cultivation.
The teaching staff implements quality requirements of the Federal minimum GEF IN.

Dean of the Faculty Thazeplov AM – Kpn, Associate Professor, Kirzhinov MM – Deputy. Dean for Academic Affairs, coordinate the activities of departments, provide real assistance in the preparation and development of plans and training tools.

The teaching faculty is actively involved in the modernization of school education in connection with the introduction of the third lesson, FC, develops innovative training program on modern technological level improves and assists IPK PRO KBSU in teacher training schools and trainers of children’s sports facilities.

In 2004, the rating of Russian universities specialties Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports took the 1st place. Departments and laboratories Laboratory “Biotechnics” UNL “Geodynamics” and “Seismic monitoring of the Earth ‘faculty each year successfully participate in competitions nationwide grants. Integrated research group provides educational and methodical work in the organization of studies of athletes in a training and competitive activities as a mass sport, as well as in the sphere of sports.

Department successfully cooperate with the sports federations of the CBD, organized by close cooperation with the Ministry of Sports of the CBD.