Institute of Design

Institute of Design

Design Institute of Kabardino-Balkarian State University, founded by the order of the rector № 300 / A of 16 June 2014.
The structure of the Institute of Design presented the educational programs of higher education and college of design, implementing the program of secondary vocational education.

Higher education programs are implemented in areas of training, “Fine arts and handicrafts”, “Design”.

Educational programs in the direction of preparation “Design” and “Fine arts and crafts” are implemented at the department “Design and decorative art” – head of the department Sultanova Aminat Muradinovna.

The educational programs of secondary vocational education include the training programs in the field of design, landscape gardening and landscape construction, design, modeling and technology of clothing production, hairdressing, applied aesthetics.

Secondary vocational education programs are implemented in the design of the college, which was established in 1992. He became the first educational institution in the system of vocational education of the Russian Federation carries out training of specialists in the field of design.

Currently training in the College of Design is conducted in the field:
• Design (industry);
• Hair;
• Applied Aesthetics;
• Designing, modeling and technology of garments;
• Gardening and landscape construction.

For more information about special rules and admission can be found on page Entrants.

The Institute implements the federal state educational standards of the third generation (GEF-3). In the library you can find the basic professional educational programs and training programs for middle managers implemented at the Institute of specialties and areas of training, as well as methodological developments institute teachers.

Education at the Institute is carried out in Russian. Students are provided with hostel. Learners Scholarship is paid on a budgetary basis. The institute equipped with the necessary training for offices and laboratories, there is a local computer network with Internet access and a library. Students also have access to shared libraries and information resources of the University, as well as its sporting and social facilities

Design Institute of the developing organism, in which all of the mechanisms: educational and economic, scientific and ideological, creative and production, organizational and managerial, strategic and tactical are focused on one goal – the production of the spiritual and material culture in various forms.