International Faculty

International Faculty

Kabardino-Balkarian State University prepares professionals of foreign nationality since 1969. Initially, they were citizens of Syria and Jordan, among the living in these countries, the Circassians.

Order of the USSR State Committee for Public Education №474 of 09.07.1990 in the Kabardino – Balkarian State University was the preparatory department for foreign citizens.

In accordance with the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation № 481 of 18.02. 2002 «On the introduction of the official list of educational institutions of the Russian Federation, engaged in pre-university training of foreign citizens”, and on the basis of the Coordination Council of the Center pre-university training of foreign citizens of the Russian Ministry of 25.04. 2003 and from 25.07.2003 Kabardino-Balkarian State University was included in the list of educational institutions of the Russian Federation, engaged in pre-university training of foreign nationals.

In 1983, due to rising contingent of foreign nationals studying in different faculties of the Kabardino-Balkarian State, it was established university-wide dean’s office on work with foreign students.

Since its inception until 1996. Dean of the functions carried out with international students, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor of language and literature Kabardian Taov Hazesha Talievich.

From 1996 to 2009 Dean of the Foreign Students worked Ph.D., assistant professor of Russian language to foreign students Pheshhov Lyon Alihanovich.

From 2009 to 2012 dean’s office headed by the candidate of historical sciences, Kazharov Arthur Gusmanovich.

In 2010, in connection with the actualization of the problems of educational services internationalization and export by Order №21 / O of 02.02.2010, the dean’s office was renamed the Faculty for work with foreign students.

An important link in the international activities of Kabardino-Balkarian State is to train specialists for foreign countries.

After years of work with foreign students KBSU trained more than 800 specialists for foreign countries, more than 30 candidates of various sciences and 1 doctor of sciences.

Preparatory studies completed more than 1,000 people, graduate school – more than 40 internships – more than 20, have been trained – more than 30 foreign nationals.

The faculty on work with foreign students includes two departments:

Russian Language Department for foreign students, was opened in 1980.

The department of general subjects for foreign students (DUT Ltd.) was established in 2011 for the implementation of the disciplines prescribed requirements for minimum content and level of preparation of graduates of faculties and departments of pre-university training of foreign nationals.