Polytechnic Institute

Polytechnic Institute

The training on specialties and areas of training involved 52 full-time teachers and 14 part-time. Among full-time employees – 6 doctors (12.2%) and 24 candidates (48.9%) sciences; ostepenennyh percentage of full-time employees – 61.1% of the external part – 4 doctors (66.6%) and 2 candidates (33.3%) sciences.

In addition, other departments and educational institutions KBSU in the educational process at the institute, involved 47 people. Of these, 3 doctors, 23 PhD professors, associate professors and 9 persons without a degree.

In general, the institute 13 doctors, professors (14.4%); 49 candidates of sciences, associate professor (54.4). Ostepenennyh percentage – 68.8%.

All the teachers of the Institute routinely been training.

GEF requirement in areas of training bachelors and masters to ensure implementation of the PLO scientific and pedagogical staff performed.